Department for photopolymer printing plate production

Department for photopolymer printing plate production

The department for photopolymer plate production was established in 2002 and today offers wide range of services: from pre-press to production of photopolymer plates of any complexity.

For the manufacture of the flexo printing plates we use photopolymer materials from the leading producers in this area such as Flint Group (BASF) and Du Pont de Nemours.

This department is equipped with modern facilities which enables us to produce photopolymer flexo printing plates by either analog or digital methods. 

Special software makes possible to produce different kinds of raster, namely FM, AM, combined raster, with different raster dots. Original screening methods are also used by us, for example, line raster reproducing raster lines instead of raster dots. 

Today, among key customers of the department for photopolymer flexo printing plate production are printing houses specializing in production of self-adhesive labels, laminated packaging, PE and PP bags, corrugated paper packaging, flexible packaging, paper and polypropylene bags.

The delivery service of our company delivers ready printing plates to our customers in Ukraine round-the-clock.


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Department for photopolymer printing plate production

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