Department for rotogravure cylinder production

Department for rotogravure cylinder production

The department for rotogravure cylinder production was put into operation in the year 2007. It is permanently developing and is considered to be the most perspective department of our company today. 

The department is equipped with all necessary machinery which enables the closed production cycle and proper inspection of production quality:

  • Image processing studio;
  • Electroplating line;
  • High-precision grinding and polishing machine;
  • Electromechanical engraving machine;
  • Proofing machine;
  • High-precision control and measuring instruments.

In addition, on the basis of this department the following machines function:

  • direct engraving laser which is used for removal of acid-resistant cylinder coating for the purpose of subsequent etching as well as direct engraving of rubber-covered cylinders  used in endless-seamless flexo printing;
  • station of chemical etching.

Steel base cylinders necessary for production of the ready gravure printing cylinders are produced at the department for mechanical processing which is a part of the company. That is why the company can significantly reduce the time of the end production manufacture and guarantee overall quality inspection.   

Today the department produces the following products for sale:

  • rotogravure cylinders;
  • cylinders for acrylic foam application;
  • anilox rollers;
  • dampening rollers.

and can offer the following services:

  • re-chrome of rotogravure cylinders;
  • re-engraving of rotogravure cylinders;
  • laser engraving of the endless-seamless flexo printing forms (rubber-covered cylinders).

The products manufactured at this department are in big demand among producers of flexible packaging, wallpaper, school exercise books, furniture, decorative paper, foil and film

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Department for rotogravure cylinder production

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